Hi! As you very likely already know, my name is Emanuele and I am a human being. As you might not know, I work as a Site Reliability Engineer at Wikimedia Foundation focusing on Traffic Engineering for Wikipedia and other Wikimedia sites. I have been a member of the Debian GNU/Linux Project since 2003. Let’s walk through a list of links about myself of debatable importance.

In decreasing order of likelihood, you are here because:

  1. You are a robot. Hello friendly robot!
  2. You have attended a presentation of mine and I told you to come here for the slides. Hopefully the talk was good! Click on talks.
  3. We know each other and you have searched for my web page. Hi there! Sorry about the web page.
  4. You want to send me an email, but do not know my email address. That is “ema at linux dot it”. If you want to send an encrypted message, here is my PGP key.
  5. You were looking for the Italian football player named Emanuele Rocca and ended up here instead. I am not saying that this is unlikely (on the contrary!) but I am sure that those looking for the player have realised their mistake very long ago.