Emanuele Rocca

Hi! As you very likely already know, my name is Emanuele and I am a human being. As you might not know, I work as a Site Reliability Engineer at Wikimedia Foundation focusing on Traffic Engineering for Wikipedia and other Wikimedia sites. I have been a member of the Debian GNU/Linux project since 2003. Let's walk through a list of links about myself of debatable importance.

In decreasing order of likelihood, you are here because:



Publications and other noteworthy Achievements

G. Pierre, T. Kielmann, E. Rocca, K. Razavi, B. IJff, H. Fernandez, R. Figueiredo, A. Uta, A. Vintila, A. Oprescu, T. Schuett, M. Berlin, M. Artac, A. Cernivec, ConPaaS: An Integrated Runtime Environment for Elastic Cloud Applications, in: HPDC (Poster), 2013.

My Erdős number is 5 thanks to the above publication: Thilo Kielmann -> Willem Jan Fokkink -> Robbert J. Fokkink -> Jeffrey O. Shallit -> Paul Erdős.

Further, I have performed as an extra in a movie featuring Maximilian Dirr, meaning that my Bacon number is 3: Maximilian Dirr -> Donald Sutherland -> Kevin Bacon.

At parties, I can thus impress people by saying that my Erdős–Bacon number is 8.

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