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Note: while I use CSS in the proper way, Internet Explorer can't manage scrolling with this page.
Since every other browser works fine, I won't waste my time to work around their bugs.

I am an independent consultant
specialized in the Linux kernel, device drivers, real time,
embedded systems, low-level networking.

Feel free to call me.

These are some of my computers, sorted by BogoMIPS

Name BogoMIPS RAM Platform CPU Model/Vendor OS Donor
burla1833.218512i386 Athlon XPDebian
colera1101.00256i386 P3Debian
vaiolo1101.00256i386 P3Debian
rudo996.15384i386 K7Debian
ostro927.33320i386 CeleronDebian
morgana897.84128i386 P2Debian
lama864.25256i386 CrusoePaceBladeDebian
m3812.6464arm 80200TattileEtLinux Tattile
povero796.26128ppc 7400AppleDebian Prosa Labs
borea663.5564i386 K6Debian
salma568.321024ia64 Red Hat Intel
arcana498.07256i386 PentiumDebian
sporca333.41128sparc64 Debian Sun
armadio262.1464arm StrongARMNetWinderDebian rebel.com
wolf261.6116alpha 21064Platform2000Red Hat
alfredo215.44512m68knommu MCF5407uClinux Qubica SpA
asso165.898cris Etrax100LX v2custom (axis) Axis
picio119.1932ppc AppleLinuxPPC PublishArt
fox99.5316cris Etrax100LX v2custom (acme) Acme Systems
kontrol66.7632i386 AMD 486KontronEtLinux Kontron
peocio50.3616ppc 823TQEtLinux
simulao1.908m68knommu uCsimmuClinux