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Note: while I use CSS in the proper way, Internet Explorer can't manage scrolling with this page.
Since every other browser works fine, I won't waste my time to work around their bugs.

I am an independent consultant
specialized in the Linux kernel, device drivers, real time,
embedded systems, low-level networking.

Feel free to call me.

The tree of my personal pages is available both as arcana.linux.it (or "ar.linux.it", after my initials) and as http://www.linux.it/~rubini.


I mark link according to their distance. The following may or may not look different on your browser:

Mnemonic: red like remote (and slow), fast is green (same page). Blue is not fast, but neither conceptually remote.

Disclaimer: not all of the pages have been restyled, yet.


I am a Free Software programmer for a living and a Free Software advocate for a passion. Please don't expect to find any reference to proprietary products in my pages.

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