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Sony Vaio notebooks contain some proprietary devices (for which there doesn't exist any public official documentation) that allow extended notebook controls:

  • Fn keys (hotkeys)
  • Jogdial
  • Motion Eye camera (C1VE/C1VN series)
  • display brightness control
  • display brightness on boot
  • sound card poweron/poweroff
  • NIC poweron/poweroff
  • GPRS/EDGE modem power
  • Bluetooth power
  • Fan speed

To enable these features in Linux you may need some additional drivers:

They are both available in official Linux kernels, related configuration options are shown above next to the module name.

See also the laptop specific tricks and tips page for information how to configure special features.

If you need support drop me a mail and/or Cc the platform-driver-x86 mailing list.


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